For Students attending an Illinois college or university or, Any Illinois resident attending college or university in Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, or Wisconsin.

Our Mission: “To promote understanding and comprehensive
management of lake and watershed ecosystems”

Scholarships Announcements

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The Undergraduate/Graduate Scholarship is supported by the membership of ILMA through the donations recieved from the bucket raffle and boat raffle at the annual conference 

Mr. Robert Esser. long-standing member of ILMA, and lake monitoring volunteer, is sole sponsor of the Robert Esser Student Achievement Scholarship.

Who's Eligible to Apply?
Illinois Undergraduate/Graduate Scholarship ($1,000):
Full time undergraduate or graduate students who have a college or university cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 on an undergraduate 4.0 scale and 3.0 on a graduate 4.0 scale, enrolled in a natural resource discipline related to lake and/or watershed management. Eligible applicants include Illinois residents enrolled in accredited colleges and universities within the above listed six states and/ or students enrolled in an accredited Illinois college or university. Emphasis will be placed on scholarship money going towards work or project related expenses in a lake / watershed area.

Robert Esser Student Achievement Scholarship ($500):
Illinois resident attending an Illinois accredited college or university. A full time junior or senior undergraduate student or graduate student is preferred. Attendance at the Annual Meeting of the Illinois Lake Management Association (ILMA) is strongly encouraged. Student must be enrolled in a lake-related curriculum with clearly articulated personal goals and objectives geared toward Illinois lakes. Emphasis will be placed on volunteer experiences.

What are the Primary Selection Criteria?
The ILMA Scholarship Committee will consider academic achievement, major field of study, statement of career goals and student special interests. Most awards are given on the basis of academic achievement combined with a course of study consistent with our mission.

Notification and Disbursement of Awards
The ILMA Scholarship Committee meets in January of each year to review the applications and determine the awards. All applicants will be notified by February 1st as to the committee’s final decision. Scholarship funds are provided to the recipient to offset the tuition and fee expenses for the appropriate semester(s) and/or approved research project

What’s my deadline to get the application in?
Applicant must submit the Scholarship application forms to meet the deadline date of December 31. Application forms can be obtained from the ILMA web site or by contacting the Illinois Lake Management Association at 1-800-338-6976 (Access Code 01).